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2018 Summer Rental Kart Sprint Racing Championship

The inaugural Lanier Raceplex 2018 Summer Rental Kart Sprint Racing Championship will be five races run during three alternating Saturday mornings beginning in June.

Maximum Number of Drivers:   60 (to be divided into two race divisions)

Thirty lightest weight entrants race - June 2nd, June 16th and June 30th

Thirty heaviest weight entrants race - June 9th, June 23rd and July 7th

The Saturday on-track activities are scheduled to begin at 8:30AM and finish by Noon. With three groups running in rotation, there will be about half-hour breaks between your four driving sessions.

Drivers will initially be separated into two divisions based on their weight; then grouped into three groups of 10-driver grids for the duration of the summer championship. The race groups will be based on lap times during the first weekend’s two timed practice sessions. Each race group will then have a ten-minute qualifying session to determine the grid for their first 12-lap race.

The next two race days will feature different race courses. Each day will have a ten-minute practice, ten-minute qualifying, and two races. The first-race grid position will be determined by each driver’s best qualifying lap time. The second-race grid position will be set by each driver’s fastest lap time in the first race.

Drivers will draw for their initial kart of the weekend. Karts will be rotated between sessions.

A Driver Champion will be established for each race group. Points towards the Championship will be awarded on the following finishing position basis:
1st     20 points
2nd     19 points
3rd     18 points
4th     17 points
5th     16 points
6th     15 points
7th     14 points
8th     13 points
9th     12 points
10th    11 points
- 1 bonus point will be awarded for pole position in each race.
- Tie-breakers will be the number of firsts, seconds, etc.

The Summer Rental Kart Sprint Racing Championship entry fee is $270 which covers all the race event practice, qualifying and all five races in the full duration of the series. Registration and full payment will be required before the first session.

Arrive & Drive! Race our tracks. Drive our karts. Wear out our tires. Burn our fuel. Enjoy your racing!

TO PARTICPATE:  Go the Lanier Raceplex website Contact page, scroll down to the Send Message button to send a request to participate. Include your racing weight, name, email and phone contact information.